Company Policies

At Sheridan Guitars, we strive for the utmost in customer satisfaction. That means we'll work with you to build you the instrument you desire, and deserve. With that in mind, it's important to note pricing will vary from instrument to instrument and pricing is subject to change.

A deposit of fifty percent of the instrument price is required to get a place in the queue. Every attempt will be made to expedite an order, but I build these one at a time. Instruments ahead of your order take priority, and instrument finish (poly, nitro, oil)  will have a bearing on completion time, so plan accordingly.

Sales tax is required on all purchases made within the state of New York.

Shipping & Freight

We will ship your instrument anywhere in the world, but bear in mind that shipping and insurance costs for the full purchase price is required, and is not included in the instrument price.


All instruments are warrantied to the original owner for a period of two years. Application of warranty is at sole discretion of Sheridan Guitars.